Progressive Christian Student Groups

Upcoming Events:

 NIGHTWATCH — Oct 13, Friday, overnight – at St John’s Episcopal Cathedral near campus – an immersive experience of liturgical, mystical Christianity – to sign up for this free event, contact Sr Associate Dean, Rev. Jim Burklo, at

Progressive Christian Worship  Sundays at 5:00 pm, University Religious Center (URC), room 203.  A meditative, intimate, reflective, participatory worship for all USC students.

Academic Bible Study  Mondays 7 – 8:30 pm (starting 8/28), URC, room 106 F.  Studying the Bible from a non-doctrinal, historical perspective, and applying it to our lives.

Resistance Bible Study  Tuesdays 5:30 pm, URC 106.  Applying a critical study of the Bible to the political and cultural crisis in America today.

CONOCIMIENTO:  Alternative Spring Break experience in Arizona, Mar 10-17, 2018 – progressive Christian activism for border justice – contact Jim Burklo at


WE ARE Christians and other friends @ USC who follow Jesus’ way of love, growing in spirit and service to others — through these campus ministries:
Academic Bible Study, Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry, Compline at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Lutheran Campus Ministry at St. Mark’s Church, and United University Church. Join our Facebook group

In loving fellowship and spiritual practice, we follow in the historic traditions of Christian faith, interpreting them in light of social and scientific progress. We find grace in intellectual and contemplative engagement with our faith. We believe there is more value in questioning than in absolute answers: we take the Bible seriously because we don’t have to take it literally. We affirm that other religions can be as good for others as ours is good for us. We strive to make our earth a heavenly place of peace, justice, kindness, and beauty: we don’t believe anybody is going to hell. We affirm LGBT sexuality and we celebrate same-sex marriages.

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Academic Bible Study — Advisor: Rev. Matthias Peterson-Brandt –
Student leader: Jessica Harmon  – . Meets Mondays at 7 pm in URC 106F. Academic Bible Study is a Christian student fellowship that studies the Bible from a non-doctrinal, academic point of view, aiming to understand the contexts of the ancient communities from which its books emerged, and then creatively exploring the meanings we find in the texts that apply to our own lives.

Canterbury USC Foundation – Episcopal Campus Ministry — Director: Rev. Dr. Glenn Libby, . Combining strong liturgy and ancient tradition with open-mindedness, the Episcopal Church on campus invites a wide diversity of persons into an active, contemporary community of faith. It especially seeks to be a safe place for uncertain explorers as well as for those who are firm in their beliefs.

Compline – St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, corner Figueroa and Adams. Compline is among the most ancient services of the Christian tradition. It was originally designed in the 6th century to prepare monks to transition from work to sleep … through candlelight, through prayer, through stillness, through song.   Please join us for this 30-minute service of prayer and song by candlelight on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 9:00 PM. A time of food and fellowship will immediately follow service.  For more information, visit or email

Lutheran Campus Ministry at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church , 3651 S. Vermont, Los Angeles, across the street from the USC campus at 36th Place by Taco Bell. Director: Rev. Matt Keadle, . The Lutheran Campus Ministry is a worshiping Christian student community across the street from USC’s campus, integrated with St. Mark’s Church. It partners with “A Community Place” on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-1 pm to pack lunches for the hungry, distribute them, and work in a community garden. Worship: 10 am Sundays at the church:

United University ChurchCampus Engagement:  Director: Rev. Matthias Peterson-Brandt – Sunday Worship Service – 10:30AM; Wednesday Late Night Cafe – 9:00PM. UUC represents the Presbyterian and Methodist denominations: it is located inside USC’s campus. It offers a safe space for students to explore and grow in their faith: see its schedule of events at .