Ansar Service Partnership

Religious Director: Varun Soni
Student leader: Paarsa Haque

The Ansar Service Partnership (ASP) is a USC Muslim community service organization whose focus is to engage students of all backgrounds in service projects with the ultimate goal of improving the social and physical environment within a ten-mile radius of the USC University Park Campus. In an effort to serve our community and put into practice the call to service that is at the heart of faith, we are dedicated to forming relationships with groups both within USC and in the surrounding community.

Muslim Student Union

Director: Jamaal Diwan
Student leader: Zayn Razi Zaynab Zia
Facebook Group: USC Muslim Student Union
The Muslim Student Union offers a warm community for all Muslims, placing emphasis on practicing Islam as a way of life through leadership development, educational workshops, campus involvement, activism, and community service. It sponsors educational, spiritual, social, and community activities.

Sufi Association

Director:  Varun Soni
Student leader:  Padideh Nazarian

The Sufi Association’s aim is to raise spiritual awareness and foster dialogue and understanding amongst different religious groups to create a bridge between religions.  We host and attend Interfaith, cultural, and musical events as well as community service events, meditation workshops and seminars at the University of Southern California.  Specifically, we host free Tamarkoz (Sufi meditation) workshops at USC, every third Saturday of the month, as an opportunity for students and faculty to learn how to revitalize their body, mind, and spirit.  Come experience tranquility and balance with us!