Hindu Student Organization

Director:  Swami Atmavidyananda
Student leader:  Amit Jha
Facebook Group: USC Hindu Student Organization

The Hindu Student Organization serves to foster awareness about Hinduism and encourages those interested to explore the religion in a manner that allows individuality, spirituality, and tradition to coalesce. It sponsors annual Diwali and Holi celebrations, pujas, guest speakers, discussions, and trips to local temples. The Swamis are available for individual spiritual guidance.

Music Meditation Club

Directors: Jaya Chaitanya Das
Student leader: 
Vibhanshu Sharma

The USC Music Meditation Club serves to alleviate participants from stress and anxiety by mindful breathing and musical meditation.  Our aim is to make a positive impact on campus with a feeling of peace and creativity through the power of sound.  We provide classes on guided breathing, philosophy, yoga, mantra meditation, mindful eating, and vegan baking! We meet every Monday at the University Religious Center, room 108, from 6pm – 9pm.  For further information, email