University Policy on Absences

University policy grants students excused absences from class for observance of religious holy days. Faculty are asked to be responsive to requests when students contact them IN ADVANCE to request such an excused absence. The student should be given an opportunity to make up missed work because of religious observance.

The Deans of Religious Life recommend that faculty not schedule an exam on a major holy day or plan something that cannot be made up afterwards. They are also asked to keep in mind that some holy days require additional time for preparation or travel before and/or after the actual observance.

Students are advised to scan their syllabi at the beginning of each course to detect potential conflicts with their religious observances. Please note that this applies only to the sort of holy day that necessitates absence from class and/or whose religious requirements clearly conflict with aspects of academic performance.

The holy days calendar represents most, not necessarily all, holidays, with Jewish holy days most likely to conflict. Please contact the Office of Religious Life at 213-740-6110 when doubtful cases arise, if you have questions, or if you have suggestions for next year’s calendar. You can also write directly to Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Life.

We recommend that faculty allow Jewish students to observe Passover on April 26th , 2019.