SOULJOURN – Exploring LA’s Religious Diversity


SOULJOURNS are a way for all USC students to discover and explore the remarkable spiritual treasures of Los Angeles, which has been documented as the city with the most religious diversity on Earth. Within just a few miles of our campus are places of worship representing all the great religions of the world, as well as spiritual centers unique to our area. Each semester, we’ll visit different temples, churches, or mosques. All students are welcome to come along any or all of these visits. To get a current schedule and to reserve places on these trips, email Interfaith Council Souljourn Coordinator, Joe Russ.

SOULJOURN: the novelby Jim Burklo, Associate Dean of Religious Life, USCAvailable at Amazon
SOULJOURN: the novel
by Jim Burklo, Associate Dean of Religious Life, USC
Available at Amazon

SOULJOURN is recommended reading for all students who are exploring world religions. It’s a conversation-starter about religious diversity and pluralism in America. See the the SOULJOURN study guide.


SOULJOURNERS are spiritual explorers! They are USC students who achieve a high level of engagement, in learning and service, with people from a wide variety of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. Souljourners follow a structured process of interfaith learning and encounter, service, and reflection over the period of an academic year.

Any USC undergraduate or graduate student, of any or no religious affiliation, can become a Souljourner. Souljourners participate in interfaith dialogue at meetings of the Interfaith Council, attend Office of Religious Life educational events, engage in service and advocacy projects with other students of different faiths, visit places of worship of different religions on campus and in the Los Angeles area, and reflect on their experiences in writing and other media.

Participation is tracked on an online platform: successful completion of expectations culminates in recognition as a SOULJOURNER by the student Interfaith Council and the Office of Religious Life. For more information and to register to participate, contact Jim Burklo