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12 Step Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous is a twelve-step program that offers a process of recovery from alcoholism. USC provides a home to twelve-step groups in the University Religious Center. There are several AA and other twelve-step program meetings held each week, and they provide a solution to anyone who is curious, baffled, desperate, or hopeless regarding their drinking or substance abuse. The meetings are open to the public but provide an anonymous environment in which people can turn their lives around. For more information about AA on campus, contact: For more information about other AA-based recovery programs, contact The Haven at USC at 310-822-1234 .

Overeaters Anonymous has begun meeting in the University Religious Center, room 105, on Mondays from noon - 1 pm. To remedy the emotional, physical and spiritual illness of compulsive eating, OA offers suggestions and tools for recovery. The basis of the program is spiritual (not religious) and is based on the 12 Steps. OA does not charge dues, or endorse any particular plan of eating. Members come in every shape and size and include anorexics, bulimics, over-exercisers, as well as binge eaters. Together, we offer the support needed to abstain from compulsive eating behaviors one day at a time.

The meeting is open to anyone including faculty, staff and students. For more information, visit, or call (213) 361-5882.

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