Programs and Events

What Matters to Me and Why

An informal speaker series connecting students with faculty, discussing important, personally charged questions in an open, mutually respectful way.

Alternative Spring Break

Annual service-learning interfaith experience at the US-Mexico border – an unforgettable experience in the Sonoran Desert.  Open to all USC students.

Spirituality and Sexuality

Exploring the intersection of spirituality and sexuality in order to challenge stereotypes and promote reconciliation.

Spirituality and the Arts

Through film screenings, plays, spoken word events, music concerts, dance performances, and art exhibitions, Spirituality and the Arts examines the ultimate questions of meaning, purpose, and identity as they manifest through the arts.

Spirituality and Sports

Discussions with Olympic athletes, sports stars, and Trojan legends in order to uncover the rich layers of meaning, purpose, and identity that sports imparts to its practitioners.

The Good Karma Cafe

A pure vegetarian lunch service offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:00PM – 2:00PM at the United University Church’s courtyard.

Urge to Clerge

Exploring vocations in faith-based organizations or pursue graduate study in religion.

12 Step Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous meetings on campus.


Campfires @ USC

Students gather face-to-face around virtual campfires to ask questions, analyze dreams, get clearness about tough situations, play drums, talk philosophy – and more – all with the aim of fostering friendships.


Questions for Conviviality @ USC

What questions are worth savoring – pondering – considering – without being in a hurry for answers?  What questions take us deeper into our own hearts, and into the hearts of others?  What questions can you ask, and how can you listen more deeply to answers, in order to help move an acquaintance into a real friendship?  Create a culture of questioning – and mindful listening – on campus, starting with this list of questions that can enrich your relationship with yourself and with other people.  Add yours!  Post these and other questions in your dorm, dining hall, classroom – text/email them to friends and groups, etc.


Friendship Training Team

USC students leading training sessions for student club leaders, RA’s, USG leaders, Greek life leaders, etc, in the arts of encouraging friendship, conviviality, and compassion on campus.  The Friendship Training Team works to make it more likely that students will become friends – and to make USC an even more convivial and compassionate community than it already is.  It is all about students taking friendship seriously, and having a seriously good time doing it!