Academic Bible Study

Director:    Rev. Matthias Peterson-Brandt
Student leader: Jessica Harmon

Academic Bible Study is a progressive Christian student fellowship that takes the Bible seriously because we don’t take it literally. It meets Mondays, 7-8:30 pm in URC 106F.  We study the Bible from a non-doctrinal, academic point of view, aiming to understand the contexts of the ancient communities from which its books emerged, and then creatively exploring the meanings we find in the texts that apply to our own lives. Contact Jessica Harmon, student leader, for more information.  You’re invited also to:  Progressive Christian Worship:  Sundays at 5:00 pm , URC 203.

Academy of LDS Dentists

Director: Michael Stanley
Student Leader: Keith Egan

LDS – Academy of Dental Students Chapter was organized to promote student involvement in educational, service, and fellowship opportunities. We accomplish these three principle goals through living our daily values as students. We focus on serving students and others who are in need. Our organization takes pride in inviting guest lecturers to come and share their insights into their educational, occupational, and life successes. We invite all to come learn, serve, and fellowship with us.

 Acts 2 Fellowship

a ministry of Gracepoint Church
Religious Directors: Mike Fu
Student contact: Jake Myung

Acts2 Fellowship is a Christian fellowship open to all USC undergraduate students looking to grow in their faith, as well as to those who want to simply investigate and check out what Christianity is all about. We strive to live out the model of the early church portrayed in Acts 2. We meet for weekly Bible studies on Friday evenings, and have a ton of fun along the way as we go on outings and activities. Hope you can check us out!

Adventist Student Community

Advisor: Carl Voight
Student Contact: Ghislaine Habumugisha

All Nations Christian Fellowship

Advisor:  Maddy Apple
Student Contact:  Haoshi Wang

All Nations is a community of international students and scholars, people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  Our vision is to welcome all cultures, share Jesus’ love, and build meaningful relationships!  All are welcome in this “home away from home” as we seek to build deep friendships, explore important life issues, and have lots of fun!

 Alpha Delta Chi: A Sisterhood for Christ

Advisor: Wendy Pedersen
Student contact: Jenay Yuen
Facebook Group: Alpha Delta Chi

Alpha Delta Chi is a national Christian sorority with three purposes: spiritual, scholastic and social. It offers the experience of sisterhood, with a focus on spiritual mentoring in Christ as well as fun social events within and outside of the Greek communities on campus.

Alpha Gamma Omega: The Christ-Centered Fraternity

Director: Jonathan Chambers
Student contact: Nick Von Hoffman
Facebook group: Tuesday Nights @ AGO

Alpha Gamma Omega is a fraternity of those seeking Christian brotherhood and is a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council.

Alpha Omega Campus Ministry

Affiliated with The Los Angeles Church of Christ and Lifeway Church
Director: Jacob Ardron
Student Leader:  Brannon Rowan
Facebook group: Alpha Omega Central Chapter

The campus group of Alpha Omega is a culturally and racially diverse group of Christians, seeking to live out what they learn from the Bible and to help others know the truth about Jesus Christ. They engage in many activities, from serving the homeless to having weekly Bible studies.

Amazing Grace Fellowship

Director: Dr. Ming-Deh Huang
Student contact:  Guanmeng Wang

Amazing Grace is a student organization that engages the students through caring for their needs, providing a safe place for building relationships and the spiritual resources for one’s relationship with God. It is our purpose to develop a caring community of students who are transformed by Jesus Christ. We seek to welcome students from all nations, invite them to consider Christ. For those who choose to follow Christ, we help them to grow in faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.

Asian American Christian Fellowship

Director: Melanie Mar Chow
Student contact:  TBA

Asian American Christian Fellowship seeks to reach students, especially Asian Pacific Americans, with the message of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow as disciples and develop their spiritual gifts. Midweek activities include Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship meetings, and service projects, as well as the main Thursday fellowship time.

Athletes in Action

A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International
Director: Michael Sylvester
Student contact:  TBA
Facebook Group: Athletes in Action

The members of Athletes in Action proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to fellow athletes and others involved in sports. They offer spiritual and character development through Bible studies, social gatherings, and community work, and train athletes to minister to those whom they influence – fans, high school students, etc.

Bellman Chinese Christian Bible Study

Advisor: Shuai Xu
Student contact: Huiling Zhong

The Bellman Chinese Christian Bible Study Group welcomes all Chinese-speaking people interested in Christianity and the Bible. The group studies the Bible together (in Mandarin Chinese). They offer a special welcome to new students coming from overseas who are seeking to adjust to life at USC.

Black Campus Ministries

Director: Alan Zeng
Student leader: Azani Creeks

Black Campus Ministries is a leg of InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship whose goal is to make Christian community more accessible to the Black community at USC. We meet on Wednesday nights in GFS 223 from 8 – 10 pm to grow in our spirituality together. Join us weekly to get an idea of everything we do!

Bridges International

The International Student Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
Director:  Cheri Lawrence
Student contact:   Yinjian Zhao

Bridges International encourages international students to explore how to have a relationship with God, to grow as Christians through worship and Bible study, to build friendships with other students through trips and weekly meetings, and to reach out to others. Activities are open to all regardless of religious background.

Canterbury USC Foundation – Episcopal Campus Ministry

Directors: Reverend Dr. Glenn M. Libby, Ph.D.
Student leader: Donovan Spencer
Facebook: Episcopal Trojans

A progressive Christian fellowship combining strong liturgy and ancient tradition with open-mindedness, the Episcopal Church on campus invites a wide diversity of persons into an active, contemporary community of faith. It especially seeks to be a safe place for uncertain explorers as well as for those who are firm in their beliefs.

Cantonese Christian Campus Group

Associated with Chinese Bible Missions Church

Advisor: TBD
Student leader: TBD

The Cantonese Christian Campus Group, an outreach of the Chinese Bible Missions Church of Los Angeles, provides a comfortable environment in which Cantonese-speaking students may gather in small groups to sing, share, and study the Bible, as well as to engage in social activities.


Catholic Graduate Student Association

Director: Rosie Shawver
Student contact:  Jose Ricardo Moreno

The Catholic Graduate Student Association is affiliated with the USC Catholic Center and Our Savior Parish, and is a group that welcomes Catholic graduate students and graduate students of all faiths to come together in fellowship. We offer many different activities such as dinners, SCCs (Small Christian Communities, similar to a Bible study). Worship and Adoration, service projects, beach volleyball and much more. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Christine Solinsky.

Catholic Student Association

Director: Rosie Shawver
Student contact: Angela Villamizar
Facebook group: Catholic Center

The USC Catholic Center offers multiple programs and activities for spiritual, social, and academic growth, including retreats, liturgies, service projects, leadership opportunities, faith-sharing groups, guest speakers, fun socials, and more. Mass is said morning and evening on Sundays, and also on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Director: Winston Bui
Student leader:  Jacob Zorehkey

Chi Alpha University Christian Outreach is a Christian campus ministry on universities throughout the United States and around the world. We are a movement of college-age men and women earnestly following Jesus. We are not a fraternity or sorority. We invite everyone to be a part, regardless of background. We meet on campus in groups of varying size and style. These gatherings are informal, infused with music and interaction, and cover topics from relationships to the nature of truth. These meetings are opportunities for students to meet God, each other, and the needs of the community.

Christian Challenge

Director: Neil Walker
Student leader:  Diego Cervantes

Christian Challenge seeks to lift up the name of Jesus Christ, develop Christian leaders, and nurture students in the Christian life that they may be lifelong laborers in the harvest. Historically linked with the Southern Baptist Convention, it is an interdenominational ministry found on 1,200 college campuses in the US.

Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA)

Affiliated with Christian Medical & Dental Association
Student contact: TBA

The Christian Medical Dental Association offers Christian fellowship for students at the USC School of Dentistry, with weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings.

Christian Science Organization

Affiliated with the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA
Advisor: Diana Jaque
Student leader: TBA

The Christian Science Organization welcomes all earnest seekers of truth. By studying and applying Christian Science to life, the group seeks to understand the underlying spiritual principle governing material laws. Demonstration of spiritual healing as taught by Jesus is a core focus.

Christian Student Fellowship at the Health Sciences Campus

Advisor: TBA
Student leader: TBA
CFS is a group for anyone who wants to be encouraged in their Christian faith or who is interested in learning more about how the love of Jesus changes lives. We meet on the Health Sciences Campus and like to spend time together talking, eating, taking trips and learning how God’s love for us teaches us to love our patients, our communities and one another. There are no dues for this club. You do not need to be a medical student to join us so invite your friends from pharmacy, OT, PT, anywhere! Monday: men and women’s Bible studies and Wednesday: the whole group meets for a lunch talk or activity (food often provided).

Christian Students at USC

Affiliated with the Church in Los Angeles
Advisor: Stephen Yowell
Student leader: Richard Li
Facebook group: Christian Students at USC

Christian Students at USC is the outreach ministry of the Church in Los Angeles. We are a group of simple Christians from diverse backgrounds who love the Lord Jesus Christ and love to dive into His Word. We have many Bible studies on campus, a Sunday morning campus ministry meeting, youth mentoring, and small group fellowship in a home setting.

Collision Ministries: An Intersectional Christian Fellowship

Advisor: Kelby Harrison
Student contact: Erin Weber

Collision Ministries is an LGBTQ-affirming community of Jesus-seeking students looking to live out ideals of love, justice, and charity. We welcome people of all identities, communities, cultures, and religious backgrounds.

Coptic Club at USC

Director: Mark Soliman
Student contact: Merai Estafanous


Affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ International

Director: Mario Martini
Advisor: Jim Cunningham
Student leader: Josh Nallathambi

CRU is committed to helping students to grow spiritually in an authentic relationship with Jesus. CRU offers small group Bible studies, prayer times, retreats and conferences, and summer mission projects, in addition to the larger “727” weekly gathering for fellowship and praise.


Affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ
Director: TBA
Student contact: TBA

Destino is a spiritual resource for Latino students on college campuses all over the country. We exist to empower Latino leaders to take the love of Christ to the campus, the community, and the world. We have weekly gatherings to connect and study the Bible together, occasional Familia nights and other socials, conferences and retreats, as well as spring break and summer mission trips. Check out to find out more.

Epic Movement at USC

Director: TBD
Student leader: TBD
Facebook group: USC Epic Movement

The Asian American ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ!! Specifically at USC, we are a missional, holistic, grace-based, redemptive group committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with students, building them up in their faith and equipping them to share it, and sending them to witness on their campus and beyond.


Advisor: Jim Burklo
Student leader:  Dalisha Munton


Fearless is a on campus organization based out of a church in downtown Los Angeles called Fearless LA. Fearless organization holds worship nights on campus along with weekly community groups. The goal of Fearless organization is to create a place for students on campus to come together, encounter God, grow in their relationship and walk with Him, and develop deep friendships with other believers.

Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistant Students

Advisor: TBA
Student leader:  TBA

The Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants meets weekly for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship at USC’s Alhambra campus, often with guest speakers addressing issues related to health or healthcare in today’s world.

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

Director:  Rosie Shawver
Student leader:  Jessica Nichols

FOCUS exists to share the love of Christ through prayer and fellowship.  We do this specifically through small group Bible studies and one on one mentorships.  Our hope is for students to come to understand their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ during their time in college.  Students of all faiths are welcome!

4Corners Christian Fellowship

A ministry of Gracepoint Church
Director: Ken Hsu
Student contact: Jake Myung

4Corners Christian Fellowship is a fellowship of brothers and sisters from all over the world and a Christian student group at USC.  Our vision is to create a place where people from many cultures and diverse backgrounds can come together to experience God and journey alongside each other.  Along the way we also hang out, eat good food, go on awesome trips, and just do college life together.  At 4Corners, we try to recreate what we read in Acts chapter 2 of the Bible – ordinary folks forming an extraordinary community – and we invite you to join us!

Gould Christian Fellowship

Director:  Jerry Romasco
Student leader:  Riley Mailman

Gould Christian Fellowship (GCF) seeks to provide a spiritual home for students as they attend law school and foster an environment in which students can grow in the Christian faith together.  All are welcome at GCF, and we encourage students through connecting them to local churches, holding regular meetings for Bible study or prayer, and hosting other types of fellowship.

Grace on Campus

A ministry of Grace Community Church
Advisor: Carol Koprowski
Student leader: Psalm Chang

Grace on Campus is a ministry of Grace Community Church in which students learn to cultivate their relationship with Jesus Christ and glorify Him in all they do. Weekly meetings on campus focus on instruction from God’s word, worship through song, fellowship, and discipleship.

Greek InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Advisor:  Jordan Hunter
Student leader:  Taryn Donnels

Greek InterVarsity is a ministry to fraternity and sorority students.  We are dedicated to helping Greeks navigate the tension between Greek Life and the Faith Life.  While we are a Christian ministry dedicated to helping students learn about and follow Jesus, we gladly welcome any person from any background to attend.

Helenes Bible Study

Advisor: Erica Lovano-McCann
Student contact: Allison Lee

In Christ Alone Ministry

Affiliated with White Harvest Evangelical Church
Advisor: Joseph Min Ahn
Student leader: Joseph Min Ahn
Facebook group: ICA

In Christ Alone Ministry (Associated with White Harvest Evangelical Church) seeks to help Christian believers apply the Bible to their daily lives, and to pass on what they learn to others. They focus intensively on one-on-one discipleship and small group work, and also join with other campuses to stage summer mission programs and conferences.

InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

Director: Jerry Romasco
Student leader: Emily Sidnam

The Graduate Christian Fellowship of USC is a ministry of InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries and exists to both connect Christian grad students and to provide ways of thriving in graduate school. We do this through gathering together to pray, discuss and integrate our faith with our work. Our community includes both domestic and international graduate students, and we hope it is a community that can be a resource and a blessing during the unique experience of graduate work and life.

InterVarsity-Trojan Christian Fellowship

Director: Brian Chung
Student leader: Cerina Epple
Facebook: InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity-Trojan Christian Fellowship is a witnessing community of Christians growing in love for God, for God’s Word, for God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and for God’s purposes in the world. It is committed to being a multi-ethnic community, a place where diverse groups of students become spiritual family.

Keck Christian Student Fellowship

Advisor: TBA
Student leader: TBA
Facebook: InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship

CSF is a group for anyone who wants to be encouraged in their Christian faith or who is interested in learning more about how the love of Jesus changes lives. We meet on the Health Sciences Campus and like to spend time together talking, eating, taking trips and learning how God’s love for us teaches us to love our patients, our communities and one another. There are no dues for this club. You do not need to be a medical student to join us so invite your friends from pharmacy, OT, PT, anywhere! Monday: men and women’s Bible studies and Wednesday: the whole group meets for a lunch talk or activity (food often provided).

Korean American Campus Mission

Affiliated with a network of Korean American Christians at California campuses, and with Cerritos Mission Church, Cerritos
Advisor: TBA
Student leader: TBA
Facebook: KCM

KCM’s mission is to obey the Great Commission by disciplining and mobilizing collegians. We are trying to achieve this goal by being the evangelistic arm of the local church. Building future leaders for the church and world by mobilizing the Christian community to share the gospel.

Korean-American Catholic Ministry

Director: Anthony Heim
Student leader: TBA

Our mission is to serve as a Catholic Christian Community that encourages and empowers members to “work hard, play hard, and pray harder” in God’s glory. We strive to carry out God’s vibrant vision and prove that lifestyle of Christ is an option for all of us to choose. We invite individuals of all backgrounds to meet, encounter, and celebrate our faith within a community where brothers and sisters alike are given the opportunity to build the friendships Christ has called us to have.

Latino Fellowship (LaFe)

Director: Geoff Gentry
Student contact: Elisabeth Shimada

LaFe is a leg of InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship. We aim to make Christian community more accessible to the Latino/a community at USC and to develop quality Christian leaders. LaFe is committed to developing Latino leaders who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus Christ as they explore God, faith, and the experiences of our people.

Latter Day Saint Student Association

Affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, USC Ward
Director: Michael Stanley
Student Leader: Gabrielle Smith

Latter-day Saints believe that God is the Father and human beings are his children, for whom he has a plan as outlined in the scriptures. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is neither Catholic nor Protestant, but rather claims to be a latter-day restoration of first century Christianity.

Life Christian Fellowship

Affiliated with regional Life Christian Fellowship network and sponsored by Life Baptist Church, West Los Angeles
Advisor: Nina Kang
Student Leader: Melanie Yamamoto

The members of Life Christian Fellowship (formerly Asian Baptist Student Koinonia) seek to share the gospel of Christ, and to provide discipleship and fellowship activities for Asian and other students dealing with issues of faith. Activities include weekly Bible studies, retreats, and summer mission trips to other parts of the world.

Light Campus Ministry at USC

Advisor: Ruth Joya
Student Leader: Yvonne Lau

Los Angeles United Church – Campus Ministry

Advisor: John Lee
Student Leader:
Narae Lee

L.A. United Church’s mission is to help train, nurture and cultivate young Christians to integrate Jesus Christ’s teachings and faith in Him into everyday life.  The campus ministry provides USC students and staff a platform to share God’s love and have fellowship with each other.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at USC

Affiliated with St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
Director: Rev. Matt Keadle
Student leader:  Ariel Hayward
Facebook: Lutherans at USC

The Lutheran Campus Ministry is a worshiping Christian community integrated with the members of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church across the street from USC’s campus at 3651 South Vermont Avenue. Our church partners with “A Community Place”, a USC student group that provides sack lunches to hungry people at 2pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Worship at 10am Sundays, Multigenerational Bible Study at 7pm Wednesdays. FB:

Mind Above Ministry

Director: TBD
Student leader: TBD

Mind Above Ministry is a collection of students dedicated to fully restoring the radical Christianity of the 1st Century A.D.  We teach each other to be fully devoted to the word of God, relationships with one another and prayer.  Here you will find the family of God and you will see the ordinary turned extraordinary! We are together committed to being built up and multiplying as a unit.

New Life

Director: Dorothy Ko
Student leader: Yuanchang Zhang

New Life is a Christian evangelical student organization serving all mandarin-speaking students, both undergraduate and graduate. We are committed to share the grace of gospel with explorers, and help believers grow in faith. During the fellowship, we will learn the Bible and pray together as a family in Jesus. You are also welcome to join our Sunday worship at Agape Bible Missions Church at San Gabriel, CA.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship at USC

Director: Mark Soliman
Student leader: Merai Estafanous

Overflow A Cappella

Advisor: Joe Thackwell
Student leader: Yui Kwan Calvin Leung

The enthusiastic souls of Overflow A Cappella have a new mission in mind: to glorify and praise God through the awesomeness that is a cappella music! As a group of students whose lives God has drastically changed through his love, we aim to share that love and passion through music. So sit back, enjoy, and be inundated with an overflow of music, an overflow of passion, and most importantly, as our favorite Bible verse says, an “overflow of praise” (Psalm 119:171).

Power of Praise Church

Director: Pastor Seung-Ho Synn
Student leader:
Green Choi

Power of Praise Church offers Sunday services, weekly Bible studies and praise meetings with a particular focus on the needs of international students. At its student internet cafe’, The Well, in the University Village, newly arrived students can find friendship and practical assistance in adapting to new surroundings (housing, transport, etc.).

Progressive Christians at USC

Director: Matthias Peterson-Brandt
Student leader:  Jackson Reinhardt


Reformed University Fellowship

Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of America
Director: Alex Watlington
Student leader:  Brittany Richart

RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.  This ministry holds to the district teachings of the historic reformation, such as the authority of the inspired scriptures, the grace of the gospel, salvation by faith alone through Christ alone, and all to the glory of God alone.  The ministry consequently places ordained pastors who must subscribe the historic teachings on the college campus to work with the students who will lead the ministry.  RUF welcomes any student from any background to come be a part of what they are doing at USC.

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship

Affiliated with ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries Inc.
Director: Ira Dotson, Linda Wooton
Student leader:  TBA

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship seeks to help students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, placing Jesus at the center of their lives and of their weekly fellowship on campus. Meetings focus on hearing God’s Word from the Bible, and seeking principles from the Bible to guide everyday life.

Saved by Grace Gospel Choir

Advisor: Crystal Young
Student leader:  Jadon Joyner

Originally the “USC Gospel Choir,” Saved By Grace, was formed in September 1998. SBG is dedicated and committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through music and spiritual fellowship Members need not have formal singing or choir experience, just a willingness to express themselves through song. SBG meets on Monday nights at 7 pm in the Fishbowl Chapel in the University Religious Center.

Seventh-Day Adventist Chinese Student Community

Advisor: Carl Voigt
Student leader:  Xi Yu

Shepherds Club

Director: John Baik
Student leader:  Ivan Kovalenko

Shepherds Club is a non-denominational Christian evangelical student organization dedicated to the task of campus evangelism. The purpose of this organization is to teach students the Bible and to help them to live according to its teachings. We focus primarily on studying the Bible in a one-to-one setting to go deeper into God’s Word and to help reveal God personally.

South LA Christian

Director: Greg Christman
Student leader:  Naveen Katam

South LA Christian Life is an eclectic group of followers of Jesus, who seek to engage the ancient text in a relevant way, practice faith as it intersects all of life, and interact with neighborhood youth through tutoring.

Tapestry College Ministry

Advisor: Douglas Matthews
Student leader:  Sarah Brent

Tapestry College Ministry exists to provide a direct outlet for students searching for Christian communities.  Partnering with Tapestry LA Church, a local church in the Los Angeles area, Tapestry College Ministry aims to reach students on the USC campus and guide them into a smoother transition into the church environment.  Tapestry College Ministry desires to provide a safe, Christ-centered community within the borders of this campus.


Director: Arthur Bartner
Student leader:  Spencer

TMBeloved is a Christian bible study group within the Trojan Marching Band that aims to know Christ and make Him known, particularly in the band. Members aim to know Christ by worshipping Him and studying and applying His Word together, and to make Him known primarily through both living out and sharing His truths with others. As a whole, TMBeloved strives to follow and glorify God, and contribute to the work of His kingdom on earth by His compelling love and grace.

United House of Prayer

Student leader:  Alex Pham

UHOP is a Christian organization whose goal is to mobilize 24/7 prayer on the USC campus. Each semester, we host extended 24-hour prayer vigils, where students are invited to encounter God through worship music, scripture meditation, prayer, dance and art. Our students also host regular prayer walks around the campus and perform random acts of kindness and offer prayer to other individuals, students, faculty and staff. UHOP wants to see a movement of love for God and love for people spread on the campus.

USC Salt & Light Fellowship

Director: Qingxin Liu
Student leader:  Jiatong Zhong

Salt & Light Chinese Fellowship, is an outreach of Zion Lutheran Church in Rosemead, CA. We are a loving and caring family that welcomes all mandarin-speaking students who are interested in Christianity. We meet every Monday, during which we eat, sing and study bible together. We aim to offer a platform where students get to have a real and thorough understanding of bible and Christianity. Hope to see you soon!

Warehouse Student Corps

Wesley Hall
Timmy Chen
Student leader: Nick Boyer
Student leader:  TBA

The Warehouse Student Corps exists to find practical ways to communicate God’s love and compassion through serving the campus as well as the local community. The Warehouse Student Corps aims to empower students to think Biblically about contemporary issues, discerning vision and practices that reflect God’s love for the world.

Worldwide Friends Christian Organization

A Friendship Group for USC Internationals Hosted by Christians Welcoming All Cultures and Faiths

DirectorDicksie Mathison and Jim Wilbar
Student Contact: 
Yihao Xia

Worldwide Friends builds intercultural friendships through Snack Chat! every Tuesday afternoon and weekend events including hikes, surfing trips, picnics, sports activities, snow play and parties.  Every September students have the opportunity to develop a relationship with an American family or friend. You are also invited you to learn more about God through the Bible if you wish.

YoungLife USC

Affiliated with YoungLife International

DirectorBen Chambers
Student Contact:  Branden Currey

Young Life College at USC meets students where they are, without judgment, by accepting them exactly where they are. No matter what their religious background or faith journey, we invite students to be a part of our large “club” meetings where students can have fun, be themselves and hear about God’s love for them. Building community in order to develop Christian leaders is what YLC@USC is all about.

Zion Fellowship

DirectorNewman Chiu
Student Contact:  Yue Shen

Zion Fellowship is a big Christian, Mandarin speaking loving family for students who are Chinese speaking. ZF was established in Fall of 2011, and sponsored by Glory Lutheran Church. We have gatherings every Thursday evening. Usually a light dinner is provided before the meeting. We have a variety of programs including games, movies, worship, Bible study, etc. Joining ZF can be a turning point in your life. We look forward to seeing you.