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Celebrations and Events for the South Asian "Festival of Lights" (KPCC, 11/02/2013)

Reza Aslan Discusses Latest Book on Jesus (Daily Trojan, 10/24/2013)

Spiritual Leader Discusses the Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Daily Trojan, 10/21/2013)

USC to Expand the Haven Later this Month (Daily Trojan, 10/16/2013)

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Discusses Congo (Daily Trojan, 11/7/2013)

"A River Changes Course" Exposes Cambodia's Environmental Woes (EcoSeed, 10/1/2013)

Food Trucks Encourage Interfaith Unity (Daily Trojan, 09/30/2013)

USC Acquires a Piece of the World Trade Center for Memorial (Neon, Tommy, 09/11/2013)

Lavish New Church, Meeting Center to Serve USC Catholics (LA Times, 12/09/2012)

Chabad Breaks Ground on New Expansion (Daily Trojan, 10/21/2012)

Students of All Faiths End Day of Fasting (Daily Trojan, 10/18/2012)

Hindu Chaplain Explores Religious Connections in The Matrix (Daily Trojan, 10/16/2012)

South LA Hero Encourages Civic Engagement in the Face of Adversity (Intersections, 10/04/2012)

New Catholic Center Aims to Involve Students (Daily Trojan, 09/06/2012)

USC Establishes Country's First Hindu Studies Chair (Daily Trojan, 08/12/2012)

Graduates, Put Your Belief Into Action (Huffington Post, 05/21/2012)

The Real Spirit of Troy (LA Weekly, 05/14/2012)

An Interview with the Reverend Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray (Huffington Post, 04/16/2012)

Professor Discusses Civil Rights and Immigration (Daily Trojan, 04/12/2012)

Priya Jaikumar Stresses the Importance of Choice (Daily Trojan, 03/07/2012)

Rainn Wilson Discusses Documentary "Education Under Fire" (Neon Tommy, 02/06/2012)

Jackson Discusses Love, Leadership, Spirituality (Daily Trojan, 02/01/2012)

American Students Find New Expressions of Faith (Voice of America News, 01/04/2012)

Hindu Lawyer, Scholar Oversees Religious Life at USC (Voice of America News, 10/31/2011)

Congregations and Community Project Sheds Light on Los Angeles Neighborhoods (CRCC News, 10/12/2011)

Preview: An Evening with Baaba Maal (Neon Tommy, 10/04/2011)

Newsmakers 9/11 Edition: Muslims in America (abc7, 09/16/2011)

Looking Forward: The 9/11 Generation (India Abroad, 09/16/2011)

USC Provides Diverse Religious Opportunities (Daily Trojan, 09/12/2011)

Sept.11 Remembered in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times, 09/12/2011)

9/11 Generation Comes to Grips With Good and Evil (Whittier Daily News, 09/11/2011)

Trojans Remember 9/11, Pledge Service to Interfaith Eduaction (USC News, 09/11/2011)

USC Promotes Unity at Remembering 9/11 Event (Daily Trojan, 09/11/2011)

Four Ways 9/11 Changed America's Attitude Toward Religion (CNN, 09/03/2011)

Artist Behind Inflatable Chapel Aims to Redefine Sacred Space (CNN, 08/31/2011)

The Un-Chaplain (Trojan Family Magazine, Summer 2011)

A Religious Zeal for Programming (Trojan Family Magazine, Summer 2011)

How Interfaith Encounters Helped Me Dare to Hope (Huffington Post, 05/29/2011)

An Awe-Inspiring Film (USC News, 05/12/2011)

Faith Makes All Things Possible (USC News, 05/09/2011)

Dalai Lama of Tibet Speaks at USC for First Time (USC News, 05/04/2011)

Dalai Lama Instills Faith in USC Students (USC News, 05/04/2011)

His Holiness Talks About Secular Ethics and Human Development at the University of Southern California (Office of Tibet, 05/03/2011)

Interfaith Group Seeks to Protect California Deserts (LA Times, 01/08/2011)

Spirituality Finds a Home at College (Los Angeles Times, 11/20/2010)

Burklo Part of Interfaith Group at White House (USC News, 11/12/2010)

Pluralism and Tikkun Olam come to Santa Monica, Venice (Jewish Journal, 11/10/2010)

Religious Groups Come Together for Day of Service (Daily Trojan, 11/07/2010)

USC Ranks Among Top Universities for Jewish Students (Daily Trojan, 10/20/2010)

USC Spreads Good Karma (USC News, 10/18/2010)

Like Father, Like Son? Not With the Chopras (Los Angeles Times, 10/09/2010)

Religious Life Launches Law Speaker Series (Daily Trojan, 10/13/2009)

Sitar Master Hypnotizes With Eastern Flavor (Daily Trojan, 10/12/2009)

Field Trip of World Religions Doesn't Go Far (Los Angeles Times, 04/27/2009)

Stirred Up By a Souljourn (USC News, 04/07/2009)

Sharing a Faith in Each Other's Goodwill (Los Angeles Times, 11/24/2008)

USC Makes Historic Appointment of Hindu as Dean of Religious Life (Newswise, 05/14/2008)

Jewish and Muslim Students at USC Share Dorm and Friendships(Jewish Journal, 12/21/2006)

Conversation With Rabbi Susan Laemmle (USC News, 03/24/2006)

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